CAP GUY sez: When customers keep coming back after 15 years, you must be doing something right!

Cap Happy!


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                          " Value without service is NO value!"

"I won't let anyone else but CAP GUY touch my truck!" Since we opened in 1993, we've heard it again and again.  Some of our customers are so loyal they drive in from out of state despite today's gas prices.  YOU CAN SAVE MONEY WITHOUT SACRIFICING QUALITY!

Welcome to CAP HAPPY! Central Ohio's first choice for top quality, yet inexpensive, truck caps and accessories.  We're 20 minutes south of Columbus. We're not conveniently located and we don't have a fancy showroom. So what keeps our customers coming back? Join the CAP HAPPY! family and see! 

Our family is picky about the products we carry. Whether you depend on your truck to make a living or just want it to look good, you can rely on us to find the best quality at the best price. We know what works and what doesn't.  If we don't carry it, there's a good reason! We feature Swiss and Century truck caps and covers as well as an extensive variety of steps and other accessories, all carefully chosen for quality, price, workmanship and durability. But before we recommend any product, we listen to what you want & need.


888-4CAPGUY (toll free)
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13491 Federal Road, Orient OH 43146
        PO Box 274, Mt. Sterling, OH  43143
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General Information:
Sales: Ask for the CAP GUY!
Customer Support: If we don't know, we know who does!
Webmaster: CAP GAL!

Although email can be a convenient shorthand, we often find that the selection of custom truck accessories requires more in-depth communication. We ask that you contact us by phone so your individual choices can be more fully discussed. 


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